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La Salita - Traditional Dominican Bachata Party Cologne / Germany

Salsa&Sensual Fesitval Düsseldorf  /Germany

Bachatartistic Biography

DJ Vamp discovered his extraordinary passion for music at the age of 7 with his first piano lessons. Over the next 23 years he acquired outstanding knowledge and understanding of music by learning piano, drums, guitar as well as Salsa and Bachata dancing.

Not satisfied just by reproducing music, he deepened his understanding of audio technique and composition at the State University of Music in Stuttgart

and with mixing workshops.

In November 2013, he visited the spanish championship of Bachata in Cádiz where he realised that for him, Bachata is the sole dance where you can play beautiful music with a beautiful living instrument on the dance floor.

When the time had come for him to know all influental well composed Bachata songs and all influental dance teachers, he felt the need to remix other songs and genres himself and create a platform for Bachata in Germany. Learning to make art of quality, one needs to understand real Bachata. Thus, visiting the one and only Bachata Academy in Cabarete (Dominican Republic), he aquired skills of the very heart of Bachata composition with Bongo and Guitar lessons.

Since then, he has regularly taken part of various Bachata festivals across Europe and is a central supporter of all Bachata styles in Germany by teaching and DJing in Germany, Belgium and France as well as a pioneer creating the first German Bachata-Style Remixes.

"Can I have your remix?"

                                                           - No, 'cuz there ain't one. It's composition, bitch ;)

German Crew on Bachata Championship-

Cádiz / Spain

Roots of People from

Germany, Turkey, Russia, France, Portugal

Basics of Music and Composing

Color up your Sunday Salsa/Bachata/Kizomba Party-Cologne Germany

Bachata Academy - Cabarete

Dominican Republic

Homeland of DJ Vamp


Bachata Festival - Alicante


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