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There are quite funny reactions if you mention a thing called Bachata.


Three common mistakes:

"Ciabatta? Yeah, tasty!" - la nouveau gourmet cuisine avec Salsa!

"Bachakka? New martial art?" Better don't mess with that guy!

"Ahh yeah dancing... my friends also dance Salsa and Waltz!"

- please don't compare.

For some of us, this notion means a lot

due to hugely different reasons but not to these ^^.

I dedicate this section to all people that love Bachata as I do and

I try to  - hopefully- show new paths for some of you to discover :)

A complex phenomenon

since this millenium.

Evolution or Regress?

A detailed Review

Bachata Dance as a new concept.

Small but good and growing scene.

Mmmmmmhhhh .... Ciabatta

Yummy! Salsa

Martial Arts made by Bruce Lee

Viennese Waltz

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