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Bachata Parties in the 20s

I The Evolution of Bachata Remixes from 2010 to 2020

I felt the urge to write this article because strangely enough,

even though my wishes for higher quality Remixes are partially fulfilled,

I can dance even less on Bachata Festivals.


Why is thats so?

Time for a restrospective analysis.

For the prequel thoughts, I want to forward to "What is Bachata" which shortly deals with "the very beginnings" of Remixes in the 10s of this millenium.

(b) In the last years of the 10's, driven by a lot of hot discussions in social networks, a fraction of European Remixers became aware of the rhythmical and instrumental problems. They were (partially) improved to a level that respects the basic principles of composition of Bachata. Technically, some songs could now be called Bachata Remix. What those DJs do not yet realize is that this step is the easiest and the one that is not important at all. Now, we have to talk about what is a good and valuable Bachata Remix.

IV Bottom Line

Understanding and applying the rules of compositoral structures does not make any remix worthy to be played. The same rule applies to "real" Bachata where not any Bachata is a good song. In fact, only few songs are worthy of being played in an extremely over-saturated production and composition environment.

Some discussions even led to the belief that each Bachata Remix always has to contain the exact instrumental ensemble and rhythms of Bachata. From a purist point of view, this may theoretically be true but misses the important point:


The question is not anymore: What is Bachata?


We have two way more important questions:


What is Good and Important Bachata?

What is the common ground of Bachata and Bachata Fusion?



DJ Vamp

"evolution is always progress"

        - it can be both, progress and regress, depending on how well evolution fits a purpose.

compare your fingers with your toes ;)

The Essence of Bachata

Jose Manuel Calderon/ iASO Records

     traditional Dominican Folk Music

Aventura - the NYC "School" of Bachata

Rafael Trujillo,

Dictator of the Dominican Republic


Bachata Historia - Jose Manuel Calderon
Bachata Urbana Mix - Aventura

Fernando Joan Soriano & Joan Soriano

/ iASO Records, modern Dominican Folk Music

Bachata Patio - Ya io me voy - Joan & Fernando Soriano

La carretera en Cabarete

Dominican War of Independence 1844 /

History of Hispaniola

Landscape of Hispanola

Couple dancing Bachata

in the Dominican Republic

Dance Couple competing

in a "Dominican Bachata"

part in Madrid / Spain

Dance Course of a popular

     Bachata Dance Style called  "Bachata Sensual"

Bachata from Spain - Dani J

Playing with Music instead of

playing Music - Remixing, Desire

of many DJs until they should

realize it is no Child's Game in Bachata.

English Bachata Remix Mix - DJ Soltrix et al.

Romantic Dance Couple

Hip Hop "Style"- optical as well as movements

Caribbean Islands and the Merge

of two Races from other Continents

Relative (estimated) Bachata Activity in Central Europe 

Netherlands - Dominican Party Bachata

Bachata Romantica Party in Aachen / Germany

Economy's Driving Force


Remixing / Composing

Extrovert Salsa Show Dancing

Bachata Songs

Merge of Rhythm, Melody and Technology

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